Sunday, October 31, 2010

Flutter By Butterfly! Vintage Items with Butterflies...

Sorry it's been so long since I posted!  I was away last weekend and this week has been a crazy one!

I love Butterflies!  That being said this blog is meant to promote vintage items featuring butterflies! 

I'll start off with my favorite butterfly item from my shop!

RoomServiceVintage has lovely pedestal mugs with gorgeous butterflies on them!

 Who doesn't love deviled eggs? Well this Vintage Butterfly Tray is a great way to serve them! Up for grabs by godo.

If you love vintage jewelry then you probably already know how wonderful Weiss is. This Brooch and Earring set from FireflyVintage is exquisite!

TiarasandTurtles has a lovely Vintage Beaded Purse with a darling yellow butterfly!

This lovely teacup for sale by OsoVictoria is wonderfully detailed and the handle is very unique!

This hand tooled Vintage Coin Purse is so cool! For sale from WillowCreekSparrow and a lovely find for someone who loves butterflies!

I adore this lunchbox! Could also be used as a purse. The detail on this piece from foolproofed is amazing. Such a wonderful find!

UtterlyEclectic has a fantastic brooch for sale! l love rhinestone! Coupled with a butterfly and it's even better!

This soapdish is so so cute! CameoGoddess has this up for sale at a very reasonable price too!

I think that rounds out my post for today.  If you love butterflies I really suggest you search for them on Etsy.  There really were a lot to choose from.  It was hard to narrow it down to just 10!  More to come soon!

<3  Amanda - DelVintage on Etsy


  1. This collection is awesome and soooo pretty! My daughter loves butterflies too and has a beautiful collection, thanks for including my teacup to this fantastic collection. ~ Victoria

  2. great picks, amanda! thanks so much for your support!